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Through the oversight of a Medical Advisory Board and several strategic partnerships, SURVIVEiT® is dedicated to providing access to only current and accurate information. Our Survivor Advisory Board will also vote on “Best in Class” resources to ensure that SURVIVEiT® is providing only the best resources currently available for every type of cancer. These resources are updated regularly by experienced survivors who use them most.

To find clinical trials you may qualify for, visit our Clinical Trial Matching tool.

General resources for all cancers are listed below. Select a cancer type to find related resources specifically for that type of cancer only.

General Resources
Cancer Diagnosis? Start here.
Remote Second Opinion Guide
SURVIVEiT® Bookstore
21 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist
Fearless Friday Video Library
Caregiver Resources
One-On-One Mentoring Support for Caregivers - Imerman Angels
Set up a meal train delivery calendar for family & friends.
10 Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer
End of Life Care
What is hospice?
How do I choose the right hospice company?
Financial Support
Financial Assistance - Patient Advocate Foundation
General Education
Understanding my Cancer Prognosis
ASCO Patient Education Materials
Learn More About Cancer - American Insitute for Cancer Research
Insurance basics explained - PhRMA
Power of Attorney
Medical Power of Attorney
Living Will/Advance Directive
Getting Your Will Right
10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will
Patient & Family Lodging Program - ACS Hope Lodge
Patient & Family Lodging Program - Joe's House
Meal Service
Meal Service for People with Cancer - Savor Health
Set up a meal train delivery calendar for family & friends.
Prescription Assistance Program - Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Patient Assistance Programs - Medication
Symptom Management
Talk to Someone
One-On-One Navigation Support - LIVESTRONG
One-On-One Mentoring Support - Imerman Angels
Emotional & Social Support - Cancer Support Community
Cancer-specific Facebook group communities.
Transportation Assistance Programs
Patient Transportation Program - ACS Road to Recovery
Patient Transportation Program - Mercy Medical Angels
Patient Transportation Program - Corporate Angel Network
Patient Transportation Program - Miracle Flights
Understanding Treatment Options
List of Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Start here.
Understanding Clinical Trials
Overview of Targeted Therapies for Cancer
Update Family & Friends
Share Updates to Family/Friends About Your Condition - Caring Bridge
Where do I go?
Which treatment centers specialize in your cancer?
US News & World Report Top-ranked Hospitals for Adult Cancer